Stage Pillar Design

Stage Pillar Design

Stage Pillar Design Made of cutting-edge material fiber glass, it is extremely lightweight and durable. Usually, only fiberglass pillars are used in stage decoration, the rarest thing to use for rough and tough is the pillar. Due to the gap in the middle, it is supported by putting a pipe or bamboo from inside, which fits inside the main solid foundation of the stage, to avoid falling and shaking, it should be tied with a wire so that any untoward incident takes place during the marriage. Don't be at the beginning. The design of the stage pillar is followed in civilization. People use the design of pillar according to their choice in the stage. Rajasthani and Gujarati designs are more prevalent in mythological designs in India.

Stage pillar design the design of South India is very embossed and is of golden color and variety of colors. The design of statue plays an important role in the design of stage pillars in southern India. Very thick and light in appearance and use. In order to enhance the beauty in the wedding ceremony, many type design pillars are used on the stage. The use of garlands of glass and plastic pearls in the stage pillar brings life to the decoration to show the look of the Maharaja Place Royal House. The decoration of flowers made of cloth and plastic adds to the design of the stage. The use of run-of-the-mill lights to bring out the design and theme adds to the brightness of the stage design during the evening and night time.

Wedding mandap stage pillar is based on a modern and mythological design. It varies according to the time and choice of the logo. People like the mythological Indian design more for Vidhi Mandap. Pillar has a very big place in decoration, without it no decorated set can be complete. Whether it is to be decorated in the design of a temple or in the design of a palace, pillars are everywhere.

Wedding mandap stage pillar decoration takes 8 feet, which is very useful for the Vidhi Mandap or the wedding stage at the wedding stage of the people. People can choose the size and design of the pillar as per their choice. Pillars up to 10 feet, 12 feet, 14 feet, 16 feet and even 20 feet are used in very large or large set subs. Which is considered as a corporate wedding, which is made for the marriage of their child with a big identity. Thereby revealing your identity between your guest and friend and making the wedding memorable. In which the expenditure is in lakhs or crores. In such a situation, the help of many technical experts, artists, laborers, painters, decorations, and many other types of people are taken.

Wedding mandap stage pillar 3 ft, 4 ft, 6 ft, 8 ft pillar for small fat wedding stage which is Indian mythological design which is expensive and heavy due to being full of very small design but it is also very durable. makes. Or use a cheap lightweight Roman pillar which is simple, only the top side is filled with designs in the cap, the rest is plain or striped, which does not take much raw material, due to which it is lighter.  

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