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Crystal mandap in lotus jaimala stage which is a bright glass suitable for decoration in wedding stage and mandap. In the decoration, due to the light falling on it, like many small bulbs are seen burning. Displays a very beautiful look at the beginning of the wedding. Which people like very much.

Crstel mandap varmala stage diamond and pearls are very expensive, which cannot be used in decoration, but instead of this one can see the diamond and pearl in the sparkle of the crystal. The only thing that gives beauty to the pavilion and the stage is crystal.

Crystel mandap steel frame simple wedding stage is used to make the Crystal Mandap. Steel structure tires are made according to the design and size. In the first structure, a small pillar structure is prepared for pillar beam decoration. A similar hole is made in the structure to install the crystal thread, so that the crystal thread can be fixed. Then it is polished. So that the shade of color can be given according to your mind. Crystal string is applied according to size and design.

Crystal mandap bridal stage the thread of string made of steel spring, then it lasts for a long time, the rest of the wire may be a spring of spring and may catch rust in it according to the place and time. That's why steel spring is considered very good.  

Crystal mandap view of the beautiful carvings with golden frames is very beautiful. The grains of small crystals, which have holes in the back and forth, are entangled in the steel round wire through which its lorry is decorated. To create a beautiful design, the steel frame is polished, which enhances its shine. Holes are made in the entire frame, leaving space according to the size of the crystal grain. All the lorries are acquitted by counting the grains of crystal in the steel frame, so that there is no more or less. The spring is first made according to the size to make the round steel of the steel. After which they are cut into round shaped curry, in which crystals are worn one by one, which makes crystal lulls.

Crystal mandap milap, pavilions of wedding of 4 or 6 pillars are made, in which the same spring is connected to each other pillar from above, which makes the mandap ready. The bright Milap Mandap of the bride and groom's wedding is pleasing to everyone's mind in today's time.

Crystel mandap lagna or vidhi mandap the best design is preferred by people of crystal. In modern times, the trend of crystal pavilions is more abroad than in our country, especially in America and Canada, where all the decorative items go from India. Mostly it is the NRIs who work in the decoration, who decorate and handle the Hindu wedding.

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