Wedding Mandap

Wedding mandap design

Devdas wedding mandap work of fiber glass started from the era of Wedding Mandap. In today's time, new and good designs are available in new and good designs till concept wedding. According to the time and utility of the people, people not only in India but also in foreign countries like good design. The wedding pavilion made of light material is decorated and handled with great ease by two to three people. You can start your new business with some curtains and wedding chairs. When LED lights are needed, they are also available on rent. Something that adds beauty to a flower wedding mandap made of very cheap and durable plastic.

Indian wedding mandap has become an important opportunity for the spread of mythological art in modern times. According to civilization and religion, a mandap made of fiberglass is prevalent to make a seat in the design and maintenance. Being extremely lightweight, it is durable and strong.

Wedding mandap art

Vidhi Mandap for good quality of decoration in Rajasthani design and Gujarati design are trending a lot these days. Even if the weight is full, but the strength remains a lot. In good design, artists work hard day and night to make the design emerge. Sometimes with plaster and sometimes with clay from which Ganpati is made. Wood and ply are used to make the structure.

Method of making wedding mandap

Wedding mandap is furnished by the architect in his design page by emphasizing a new design in its look and shape. When needed, crystals are also used in this.

Structure of the wedding mandap is made of plaster from the wooden form. The empty space is filled with beautiful designs, which artists make from clay.

Wedding mandap needed a mold of Silicon rubber and fiberglass is made for the wedding mandap. After cleaning the mold properly, the fiber glass and its chemicals are filled with a brush by applying solution in it. After drying the mold is opened and cleaned. On need padme, iron and steel frame is also fixed in it, so that the pillar does not break when dropped.

Wedding mandap pillar and cenopy are properly rubbed and made smooth. After washing it well, the lining and color are applied with a spray to color it. Glossy or matte is used to make bright or dule.

Wedding mandap packing of brown paper, bubble wrap, stretch film paper and tape are used for the packing of Wedding mandap. To be sent to a distant place, it is sent by placing it in a plywood box.

We design all type of wedding mandap in fiberglass as per requirement of party theme design size look theme acccording to buyers choice in devdas mandap haveli mandap theme mandap woodden mandap temple mandap wedding stage design mandap theme mandap etc

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